Conditions of Use

In connection with the purchase, use or operation of the Hardware, Software or Services from E & D Trading, Inc. you represent and warrant the following:

E & D TRADING, Inc. stands to fully comply with laws wherever they apply.  Currently we are not selling gameboards to the states of Ohio and North Carolina.

You shall obtain all licenses, permits and approvals required by any government or applicable authority, and you will comply with all country, federal and state laws, ordinances, code regulations, rules, policies and procedures of any government or other competent authority where the Hardware, Software or Services are purchased by you or are to be sold, used or deployed. You shall not take any action or permit or authorize any action in violation of the applicable laws. You shall use your best efforts to regularly inform E & D Trading of any requirements under any applicable Laws that directly or indirectly affect E & D Trading. If you use or operate E & D Trading Hardware, Software, or Services in violation of any applicable law or authority and E & D Trading is required to defend themselves civilly or criminally, you shall reimburse E & D Trading for the cost of defense.