ICT MTB Programmer Update Tool

ICT MTB Programmer Update Tool is a Complete Portable Programmer Solution for ICT Product Maintenance.
SKU: 4861653101805

ICT MTB Update Tool Description;

  • Multi-function: Firmware download, Coin Changer(Recycler) operational setting and sensor calibration.
  • Support Coin Changer/ Bill Recycler operational settings, built-in 9 options of operation parameter, effective update function and read audit data.
  • High convenience: storage several firmware at one time.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Chargeable battery and power saving design.
  • Large screen to show information.
  • Built-in memory and Micro-SD Card slot for large data storage.
  • One multi-purpose cable for different ICT products.
  • Easy to carry.
  • USB Type A Plug-in PC for charger battery and be a mass storage save firmware.

ICT MTB Programmer Update Tool Specifications;

Power Consumption Standby: 3.7V, 350 mA, 1.30W
Operation: 3.7V, 370 mA, 1.40W
Maximum: 3.7V, 2 A, 7.40W
Weight Approx. 288.5g
Operation Temperature -5 ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 70°C
Humidity 85% (no condensation)
Battery in charge Temperature 0 ~ 45°C